Jentink’s Doormouse

Graphiurus crassicaudatus
Source: Undetemined

Jentink’s Dormouse, Graphiurus crassicaudatus, is a small-sized species of the dormouse, a family of rodent known for their long periods of hibernation and their hairy instead of scaly tails. Pelage is generally soft and short. This rarely collected species is found in primary and secondary rainforests of Nigeria as well as Ivory Coast, Liberia and Ghana. In Nigeria, its distribution range runs through the southwest, and the eastern plus south-south regions of the country. The Jentink’s Dormouse is probably omnivorous. Little is known about them and they are considered rare or difficult to trap. They are arboreal and individuals have been collected from hollow trees, on horizontal branches and vines, among bushes, rocks, and in grass near houses. Large spherical nests have been found a few feet above the ground in dense vegetation in Nigeria.

Tope Apoola
Profession: Writer