Ikogosi Warm Spring

entrance to Ikogosi Resort
Ikogosi Resort where the warm spring is found. Photo: ALICE

Ikogosi is a tourist site in Ekiti state known to have two springs flowing side by side with different temperatures; one warm and the other cold. The two springs emerge from a close accessibility come to a specific meeting point and flow together with each spring preserving its thermal uniqueness.

Legend has it that the two springs were once the wives of a great hunter of which one of them was said to be very erratic while the other was peaceful. Eventually, they had a quarrel and after being scolded by their husband, the hostile wife changed to the warm spring while the quiet wife changed to the cold spring.

Attempts were made by the Governor Fayemi government to make the natural wonder into a resort. Ikogosi consists of a three star hotel, a golf course an Amphitheatre and apartments.

Tope Apoola
Profession: Writer