Ignatus Pats-Acholonu

Ignatus Pats-Acholonu, Justice of the Nigerian Supreme Court. Acholonu, was born July 15, 1937. He was called to the English Bar in 1963 and the Nigerian Bar in 1964. He worked at the Ministry of Justice between 1964 and 1974, and was appointed solicitor-general in 1979. Acholonu was appointed judge of Imo State High Court in 1981 and the Court of Appeal in 1993. He was finally appointed Justice of the Supreme Court in 1999, bringing to sixteen, the number of justices in the Supreme Court of Nigeria[i]. His wife with whom he raised five children is a professor of English at the Imo State University.

In May 19 2006, Achonolu  died in a hospital in Owerri of vertigo, a medical condition induced by dizziness and fear, which could lead to a loss of balance[ii].


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Tope Apoola
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