Igbala Aiye

Igbala Aiye: Thousands of years back, ancestors showed remarkable prowess in Igbale Aiye where they originated from. There was no engineering feat in those days but caves have been observed, and tunnels, which inspired awe in the kind of technology employed to achieve that level of sophistication in those days. A big dwelling lies underneath, indicating that thousands of years back, ancestors had mastered the technology of constructing caves and tunnels. The historical place, now the site of a proposed centre of interest for the black race of the world, through the work of Olofindji Akande, is located between Iwoye in Imeko Afon Local Government and Ketou in Republic of Benin. In a speech announcing interest of UNESCO in Igalaiye, Wole Soyinka wondered how, in modern time, people do all manner of construction without knowing that all they do originated from Igalaiye. According to him, it has been said also that without a doubt, the Pyramids in Egypt were built by people who left from Igbale Aiye[i].





[i] Guardian, June 12, 2013

Tope Apoola
Profession: Writer