Iga Iduganran

Iga Idunganran
Iga Iduganran. Photo: Lagos @ 50 website

Iga Idungaran, the Lagos Oba’s Palace, is located along Upper King Street on Lagos Island. It is the most significant of the buildings representing the Pre-colonial Lagos. During the reign of Oba Akinsemoyin, the Portuguese, in return for their trade monopoly (especially the purchase and shipment of slaves) built a befitting palace for the Oba. The material used then was fire resistant. Old age and lack of funds to maintain the palace reduced it to a sad state of disrepair. During the reign of Oba Adele II a new Iga, blending the best of the old building with the new, was built.

Completed in 1960, the new Iga is a modern extension designed with a considerable care so as to preserve all the historical association in the past dignity with privacy within the courtyard and the design has been executed in keeping with the planning mode and materials of the present era. Its striking aspects are the carved entrance doorways, the Marble hall, the reception hall, the pillars and the covered way with Roman Arches. The new additions were opened on Independence day by Prime Minister Tafawa Balewa. Oba Oyekan II, whose reign began in 1965 resided in the compound and maintained its facilities.

Tope Apoola
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