Idejo chiefs introduced by Oba Adeniji Adele II to Queen Elizabeth II
Oba Adeniji Adele II introduces his Idejo chiefs to Queen Elizabeth II Photo: Afro Rythm blog

Idejo chiefs are according to Lagos tradition, the original land owners of the island of Lagos, being descendants of Olofin who first colonized Iddo Island of Lagos. Some members of the Idejo aristocracy, the Elegushi for example, have had their status elevated to that of an Oba. The thirty-two children of Olofin (some of who were non-biological) included Olumegbon, Aromire, Oloto, Oluwa, Oniru, Onisowo, Onitolo, Elegushi, Ojoro, and Onikoyi. Idejo chiefs are distinguished with the inclusion of white cap and fan in their stately dressing.

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