Victoria's Corner

by LitCaf

To enhance your productivity on projects, we provide the right environment, hassle-free and efficient, with high speed Internet. We enable your visibility to the world of opportunities by giving you special spot on our advertised list of professionals. Finally, at Victoria's Corner by LitCaf, we make the best coffee.

What we do for our community

Once you sign up here on (free), you become a casual member of our community. However, you can do much more by asking us to Make A Card for you, that is when you become credible and ready to harness the benefits of your membership. Through our large and ever expanding content base, you become visible, once you make updates, to any reader online. This takes away the need on your part, to make so much effort to be visible. This is the smart way of work brought to you by Nigeria's first in coworking, LitCaf.

CardVerified users are very welcome to use our cozy coffee space in Akure, VICTORIA'S CORNER, where a community of business owners and professionals thrive. Are you an online community member, why not pay us a visit when in town for some of our coffee menu.


History of Coworking

There are a number of variants to coworking, which are not identical, or should not be confused with it. Since the appearance of Coffee shops in Europe, customers had scribbled to do items, or made some sketches in resemblance of work which they would have done at home or in rented office. In the first decade of the 18th Century, a coffee house by Edward Lloyd, had become a place where underwriters of ship insurance met to do business, and a class of working people who wanted to abstain from alcohol had frequented coffeehouses in Victorian England.

Join our community

You join in by making a business card, validity of which will last for specified period and coming around to work while enjoying our various recipes at any open hours

Contact Us

DM PR/Recruit Partner on twitter- @ litcaf for quick response, call 08181423483 or visit Victoria's Corner by LitCaf at 6, FUTA Road (TE Hub), Opposite Foursquare Gospel Church, Akure.