Haussa Genet

Hausa Genet
Photo : Nikolay Usik

Haussa Genet, Genetta thierryi, also called Thierry’s genet is a carnivorian, cat-like mammal with wide distribution range in West Africa. They generally prefer the moist to dry savannahs and woodlands of the north, but have been found in the rainforest. The species’ distribution range in Nigeria therefore excludes the far north and the Niger Delta. Adult body length is about 41.86 cm and it weighs some 1.46 kg. The Haussa Genet is light brown in color with rusty to black spots on the body and stripes down the back.Like other species of genet, they are nocturnal, and solitarily forage for food. They have excellent vision and run very fast.

Tope Apoola
Profession: Writer