George Debayo Agbebi

George Debayo Agbebi
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George Debayo Agbebi was the Civil engineer and scholarly nephew of Mojola Agbebi, born 1886 in Lagos. Agbebi was educated in C.M.S. Grammar School, Lagos before proceeding to the University of Birmingham, England where he graduated with high honors, coming third in Geology class of fifty-seven. For six months he was engaged to supervise the steel work construction of the new carbon works and press shops at the General Electric Company, Witton, where he exercised great ingenuity as an engineer. From there he proceeded to the Public Works department of the Birmingham Corporation where he compiled a list of calculations of re-enforced concrete, which the company confessed to be of immense worth. Agbebi was elected as a fellow of the Geological Society of London in 1911. In the year that followed, he joined Public Works Department of Lagos as Assistant Engineer, and set up a private firm of Engineers and Licensed Surveyors in 1914. He also became the first elected Councilor of Lagos.

Agbebi was mentioned in the magazine of the National Association of Colored People, The Crisis issue of May 1912 as one of those men to whom Africa is looking to hasten the coming of a better and a brighter day.

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