Gabaro was the Oba of Lagos installed in 1669 after his father, Oba Ado’s death. During his reign, he moved the government to the island in particular Isale Eko where the present palace, Iga Iduganran is today located. Gabaro is thought to be the first Oba to erect a building in the palace, but the credit is sometimes given Ashipa, his grandfather who was the first Oba. He created the elaborate institution of chieftaincy and kingmakers. He had only one child during his lifetime called Eletu Kekere. Oba Gabaro died in 1704. His reign was not as eventful except that he had the unenviable duty of banishing from the town, his zestful brother, Akinsemoyin, who would later succeed him.

Tope Apoola
Profession: Writer