Forest Genet

Forest Genet
Photo by: Jason. Source: Mammal Watching

Forest Genet, also known as Panther Genet, scientific name; Genetta Maculatta. This Viverrid, formerly belonging in same taxonomic subfamily with terrestrial civets and linsangs, is a large spotted, carnivorous animal endemic to the rainforest zone of southern Nigeria, and also widespread to a great part of sub-Saharan Africa. In southeastern Nigeria, sightings are not common although it is rather common in bushmeat markets and frequently trapped by local hunters. This species belongs to the Genet genus, distinguished by their elongated face with big triangular ears, and big eyes, short legs and long tail banded with dark rings.

There are no conclusive information on the Panther genet’s habitat because of the animal’s elusiveness and nocturnal nature. This fruigivore is superficially cat-like, but is inspite of its resemblance, only a distant relative of the cat. They are more closely related to mongooses. Genets posses very long tails that provides them with balance as they leap from one tree limb to another. They are very agile, have quick reflexes and are able to stand on two feet. Lifespan has a maximum of 20 years.

Tope Apoola
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