Forest Cobra

Forest Cobra
Photo by: Nigel Voaden. Source:

Forest Cobra, Naja melanoleuca, called Oká in Yoruba, is an agile, diurnal species that climbs well and is more aquatic than other true cobras of genus Naja. They are big arboreal, aquatic, nocturnal and very fast snakes that can move quickly on land in the water and in the trees. They can grow to 2.5 meters in length. When threatened, they can stand tall, displaying the long and narrow hood. The Forest Cobra occurs in heavily forested regions of western Africa. Often mistaken for the Black Mamba but distinguished by its highly polished scales, which give it a shiny appearance. This snake can be highly dangerous due to the quantity of venom it can inject in a single bite, and also due to its aggressive nature when defending. Neurotoxins attack the nervous system leading to the paralysis of the respiratory system if untreated.

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