Eleri-Onigbajo was the ancient Human right activist and warrior whose activities drew the curtain on the sixth Alafin’s reign. Also called the Gbonka, Eliri-Onigbajo had a reputation for rare bravery in opposing the King’s encroachment upon the liberties of the people. The Gbonka was nevertheless the best possible option to do the King’s bidding when someone was required to check Timi of Ede, a local chief who was at the time opposed to continued remittance to the King from levies he suitably collected from traders in his domain.

The fight between the Gbonka and Timi was unaccompanied, and the Gbonka was able to disarm Timi, to the disappointment of the king who secretly wished either of them dead on account of their defiance. When Kori, the king, initiated a second round of fight between the two, his intention became obvious to the Gbonka and to everyone. Gbonka killed his appointed contender and thereafter left the court without the King’s blessing, starting a procession that ended in the Palace where the king’s authority was publicly challenged. Feeling humiliated before his subjects, the king took poison and died.

Tope Apoola
Profession: Writer