Ebun House

frontal facade of Ebun House
Source: Harvard University Graduate School of Design

Ebun House is a Lagos Brazilian styled building representing the ultimate in Baroque style. Ebun House, situated at Odunfa Street was built in 1913 by late Mr. A.W.U. Thomas, a customs clerk, a Registrar in the Law Court, and finally an auctioneer, a following in which he prospered. Ebun House located at 85 Odunfa Street, Lagos which was known as ‘Petesi Anduru’ or ‘Ile awo si fila’ in Yoruba was the first three story building in Lagos. This building is one of the finest of the late Brazilian architecture; its diversity of relief decorations on columns, pilasters and wall panels is effusive. The house is grotesque in taste, but highly competent in execution. The gate on which the inscription on “Ebun House” was written is still present. The cupola on the tower for which the building was characterized had been demolished for safety reasons.

Tope Apoola
Profession: Writer