Dada Adeshigbin

Dada Adeshigbin was a 19th Century townsman and one of the principal founders of the African Bethel Church. Dada Adeshigbin was born in Owu in 1865. Hardly anything is known of his early life except that he was educated at the Breadfruit School, Lagos and later he was apprenticed to a famous tailor of his day. Adeshigbin adopted the motto, “Business before pleasure” after he became free from apprenticeship, and functioned as the sole agent of the “Singer” Sewing machines proprietor in America. He was attested at his burial as a peculiarly reserved man of sterling honesty and great kindness. The partial eclipse of the moon observed at the time of his death at 11pm on February 8, 1925 was attributed to the importance of his person.

Tope Apoola
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