John Obaro of Systemspec

John Obaro

John Obaro; Technology entrepreneur. Obaro led a team that pioneered Nigeria’s first network linking Lagos and four states in terms of real-time online banking when he was still at…

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Biochemical Structure of Ethanol


Ethanol; is an alcohol derived from grains like corn and tubers of cassava[i]. It is emerging as an important motor fuel in view of the Kyoto Protocol Agreement to which Nigeria is a signatory….

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Elegba S.B.

Elegba S.B. is the Nigerian professor of physics, who in 1987 installed, commissioned and operated the first Neutron Generator in West Africa. Elegba was trained in Ukraine of the former Soviet…

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Jacob Sogboyega Odulate

Jacob Sogboyega Odulate, known as ‘The Blessed Jacob’, inventor and essayist, was born 1884 in Ikorodu. As a pharmacist of informal learning and a man of quick wit, Odulate soon achieved fame…

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Akinwuntan Abiodun

Akinwuntan Abiodun is the Nigerian physical therapist whose doctoral study led to the first-ever use of a high fidelity and interactive driving simulator to train stroke patients to drive again,…

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Dr. Ola Orekunrin-Brown

Ola Orekunrin

Ola Orekunrin is an Health expert and innovator, born 1986 in England to Nigerian parents from Ekiti State. Orekurin grew up in a foster home in the English seaside town of Lowesoft, an all white…

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Olagoke Olabisi

Olagoke Olabisi is the Engineering professor who invented several processes for which not less than eight patents were granted. Olagoke was born in Osogbo and his education at the Government…

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RADIOPHONE CURIOSITY By Adekambi, Editor, Eko Akete, 2 February, 1924 Television another possible scientific invention Seeing Wimbeley from Lagos!!! To make a telephone call upon a friend or a…

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