Oby making a speech

Oby Ezekwesili

Obiagweli Ezekweseli; an invaluable member of President Obasanjo‘s economic team raised to ensure the successful execution of the administration’s reform programmes. A leader in…

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Folayegbe Akintunde presenting a book

Folayegbe Akintunde

Folayegbe Akintunde, Women activist and senior civil servant of the old Western region of Nigeria; counted among the administrative elites of the early post-colonial Nigeria. Folayegbe was the…

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Hasfat Abiola making a speech

Hasfat Abiola-Costello

Hasfat Abiola; social entrepreneur and activist daughter of Nigerian politician and philanthropist, MKO Abiola. Hasfat was born 1974 in Lagos. Her secondary education was in the University of…

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Alimotu Pelewura

Alimotu Pelewura was an activist trader of pre-colonial Nigeria, who, though illiterate, led women successfully in their struggle against unjust taxation and for suffrage. Pelewura was born in the…

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