Twins in Igboora


  IGBOORA is settlement in Ibarapa Central Local Government of Oyo State reputed for a long time to have had the greatest number of twins in the state, as every household can boast of having…

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Taiwo Malumi

Taiwo Malumi; Nigerian medical doctor, Ilaje born and University of Ibadan-trained Malumi berthed the first air ambulance service in West Africa when he established Medic Air, first air ambulance…

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Dr. Adesokan in his laboratory


Yemi Adesokan; Nigerian scientist who developed an innovative form of diagnosis which could let doctors quickly and easily pinpoint features of a patient’s infection. The method can, for…

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Prof. Abiodun Ilesanmi

Ilesanmi Abiodun

Ilesanmi Abiodun; Nigerian Physician and professor of medicine. He is a recipient of the National Merit Award in Hospital Administration. He is also a recipient of two National Honours (OON and…

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Professor Ogunlesi Theophilus

Ogunlesi Theophilus

Ogunlesi Theophilus Oladipo, Professor of Medicine; the first to be so appointed in the University of Ibadan medicine department, taking after pioneer professors Alexander Brown and three others…

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Majekodunmi Adekoyejo

MAJEKODUNMI Moses Adekoyejo, State of Emergency era Administrator of the Western region of Nigeria. Under him, Awolowo, reported by the police as having large meetings which they feared might get…

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Michael Olusola

Michael Olusola, Abiodun is a physician born January 18, 1941, in Lagos. He had his primary education in Methodist Boys High school in 1953-1957 in Lagos and his secondary education at Norwich…

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Africanus Horton

James Africanus Beale Horton was a pioneer Nigerian medical doctor of full Igbo parentage, born in Sierra Leone in 1835. His father had been settled in Freetown like many freed slaves following…

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Cervical Cancer

Cervical Cancer is the second commonest cancer in Nigeria, after the breast cancer. Cervical cancer is sexually transmitted by the Human Papillous Virus (HPV). This turbulence in the human cervix…

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Emmanuel Olubomi Beckley

Emmanuel Olubomi Beckley was a distinguished Nigerian medical doctor of the 19th Century. Born in Apongbon Street, Olowogbowo, Lagos in September 1881 to Thomas Elliot Beckley and Jane, a Sierra…

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