Michael Olusola

Michael Olusola, Abiodun is a physician born January 18, 1941, in Lagos. He had his primary education in Methodist Boys High school in 1953-1957 in Lagos and his secondary education at Norwich…

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Africanus Horton

James Africanus Beale Horton was a pioneer Nigerian medical doctor of full Igbo parentage, born in Sierra Leone in 1835. His father had been settled in Freetown like many freed slaves following…

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Cervical Cancer

Cervical Cancer is the second commonest cancer in Nigeria, after the breast cancer. Cervical cancer is sexually transmitted by the Human Papillous Virus (HPV). This turbulence in the human cervix…

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Emmanuel Olubomi Beckley

Emmanuel Olubomi Beckley was a distinguished Nigerian medical doctor of the 19th Century. Born in Apongbon Street, Olowogbowo, Lagos in September 1881 to Thomas Elliot Beckley and Jane, a Sierra…

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Jean Marie Coquard

Jean Marie Coquard was the Missionary of the Holy Catholic Church to Abeokuta who established the first hospital in Nigeria in 1859. Marie Coquard was trained as a sailor and destined for the…

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Women posing for a group photograph with their babies outside the Maternity Institute of Abeokuta, c.1929.

Jane McCotter

Jane McCotter, nursing sister of Irish descent and founder of the Infant Welfare Center in Abeokuta was born in 1870. McCotter worked briefly in the colonial nursing service, but after an…

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Latunde Odeku

Latunde Odeku, physician and poet,who was one of Nigeria’s most distinguished medical scholars, was born in 29 June 1927 in Awe, near Oyo. He schooled at Methodist Boys’ High School in Lagos…

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Prof. Ashiru Oladapo, Source: logbaby.com

Ashiru Oladapo

Ashiru Oladapo is a Reproductive endocrinology expert and joint pioneer of IVF research in West Africa. Ashiru joined College of Medicine of the University of Lagos as lecturer in 1976. He was at…

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Arcobacter is a relatively new group of aerotolerant, curved and spiral rod shaped bacteria. Arcobacter butzleri, A. Cryaerophilus and A. skirowii are known in many developed countries as zoonotic…

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Anaesthesia is a state of controlled and reversible loss of consciousness usually associated with insensitivity to pain, reflex depression, and a variable degree of muscle relaxation. This…

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