Leaded Bronze pendant discovered in Igbo-Ukwu, c.900-1000 AD. Facial scarification is that of titled men of Nri.

Nri Civilization

Nri Civilization occasioned a medieval Igbo institution, located in the colonial Awka division. The town of Nri was hypothesized by A.G. Leonard, British royal officer in 1902 as the fountainhead…

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Elegba S.B.

Elegba S.B. is the Nigerian professor of physics, who in 1987 installed, commissioned and operated the first Neutron Generator in West Africa. Elegba was trained in Ukraine of the former Soviet…

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Fertilizer, called Ajile in Yoruba (awakener of the soil), occurs in the form of solid, liquid or gas, supplies nutrients in known amount, to the plant. Since the 1937 demonstration of the…

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