Ofada town, founded by warriors who took part in the Egba-Oyo war in the 19th century, is inhabited by the Igboin and Igbore people of Egbaland.  The community is famous for production of the…

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Yam is a tuberous root vegetable rich in carbohydrates. Though the edible underground grown tubers of this perennial vine crop is starchy, they contain dietary fiber which qualifies it as low…

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Cocoa beans, used in making chocolate, are seeds from pods produced from the cocoa tree, from four years of its life; a small evergreen tree that grows exclusively in regions 20 degrees north or…

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Palm Oil processing

Palm Oil

Palm Oil is red oil extracted from palm fruits. To produce palm oil, the palm tree, Elaeis guineensis is being climbed by dexterous men for the harvest of nuts which is then separated for the…

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Acanthus monathus

Acanthus montanus

Acanthus montanus is a forest region robust erect plant occurring in humid places mostly on the stream banks.The plant, native to West Africa, has been introduced to the rest of the world for…

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