Clymene Dolphin

Clymene Dolphin, Stenella clymene , also known as short-snouted spinner dolphin, is endemic to the tropical and warm temperate waters of the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, and Gulf of Mexico. They…

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Caranx hippos

Crevalle jack

Crevalle jack, Caranx hippos, called Owere in Yoruba, is a fast swimming fish found in the Eastern Atlantic, from Portugal to Angola. Crevalle jack has a distinguishing black spot on the margin of…

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Electric Catfish

Electric catfish, Malapterurus electricus, called Eja Ojiji in Yoruba, is a species of catfish having an electric organ derived from the pectoral muscle and which surround almost the entire body….

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Ladyfish, Elops lacerta, called Igbun in Yoruba, is a ray-finned fish found in coastal waters from Mauritania to Namibia, sometimes entering freshwater, like in Cross River, Nigeria. This species…

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Fishermen and trap at Olokemeji. 1910, Source:  Nigeria Nostalgia


Akobi is the conical shape basket used for shrimp fishing in Iddo Island from the 16th Century circa. Akobi is usually made with strips of bamboo tree. When not in use, they are dried on rows of…

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Distancia focal                 	:8.9 mm
Velocidad del disparador        	:1/291.3segundo
Abertura                        	:F5.5
Compensación de exposición      	:0 EV
Balance del blanco fijo         	:Automático
Objetivo                        	:Incorporado
Modo de sincronización del flash	:N/A
Diferencia de exposición        	:N/A
Programa flexible               	:N/A
Sensibilidad                    	:Auto
Nitidez                         	:Automático
Modo Curva                      	:N/A
Modo Color                      	:COLOR
Compensación de tono            	:AUTOMÁTICO
Latitud (GPS)                   	:N/A
Longitud (GPS)                  	:N/A
Altitud (GPS)                   	:N/A

Nigerian Tongue Sole

    Nigerian Tongue Sole, Cynoglossus browni, is a flat fish species found in coastal waters and mud in the Eastern Atlantic from the coasts of Senegal to Angola. Its enlongate body is…

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Silver Catfish

Silver Catfish, Chrysichthys nigrodigitatus, called Obọ̀kún in Yoruba, is one of the most important among the over three hundred Nigeria’s freshwater fish species. It is a highly valued…

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West African Ilisha

West African Ilisha, Ilisha africana, called Shawa in Yoruba, is a species of longfin, fairly small, silvery fish which occurs in large stocks in inshore waters of Nigeria. This species has a…

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