Map of old Sokoto Caliphate

Sokoto Caliphate

Sokoto Caliphate; the history of which, in the 19th Century commenced in 1804, is essentially centered on the legendary Dan Fodio and his socio-religious revolution, otherwise referred to as the…

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Sultan Ibrahim Dasuki

Ibrahim Dasuki

Ibrahim Dasuki; Sultan of Sokoto from 1988 to 1994. Dasuki mounted the throne despite stiff opposition from supporters of his cousin, Muhamadu Maccido. Like it happened in 1933, an outside power…

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Saburi Biobaku in agbada

Saburi Biobaku

Biobaku Saburi Oladeni; Historian and one-time Vice Chancellor of the University of Lagos, Unilag. Professor Saburi Biobaku’s special Yoruba history projects, like that of Professor Akinjobi,…

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Nana Olomu in a photo taken while in exile in Accra

Nana Olomu

Nana Olomu, born 1852 in Jakpa, was the Itsekiri chief and merchant in Palm Oil who occupied the position of the comey collector, essentially the chief tax officer, hence, Governor of the Benin…

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Folayegbe Akintunde presenting a book

Folayegbe Akintunde

Folayegbe Akintunde, Women activist and senior civil servant of the old Western region of Nigeria; counted among the administrative elites of the early post-colonial Nigeria. Folayegbe was the…

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Garrick Braide

Garrick Braide was the first Nigerian Christian charismatic figure whose Prophetic Movement, between the years 1914 and 1916 spearheaded a strong religious awakening in the Niger Delta. Braide was…

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Salami Agbaje

Salami Agbaje, industrial magnate of the Ibadan colonial era, son of an early Muslim convert from Iseyin was born in Lagos in c.1867. Agbaje acquired an Islamic education to the exclusion of a…

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Ara Suicide

Ara Suicide; In August 1855, the mass suicide in Ara, an Ekiti town, to prevent their enslavement by the ravaging Ibadan army. The act of suicide was first committed by Chief Elejofi, the…

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Africanus Horton

James Africanus Beale Horton was a pioneer Nigerian medical doctor of full Igbo parentage, born in Sierra Leone in 1835. His father had been settled in Freetown like many freed slaves following…

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Ephraim town, showing with King Eyo of old Calabar, Honesty's Canoe and British royal steam sloop Rattler c.1850, around the year Blood Men was formed in Calabar. Eyo ended human sacrifice of slaves.

Blood Men

Blood Men is a society of Igbo slaves in the Calabar oil palm plantation formed in 1850 to oppose their encroachment and oppression in the Delta especially the use of their brethren in human…

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