Members of Eweka dynasty depicted in this Benin Lead Brass sculpture

Eweka Dynasty

  Oba Eweka (1200AD-1235AD) After the banishment of Owodo; the last Ogiso under the Ogiso Dynasty Oduduwa sent his son to Benin to rule the kingdom. The only area of departure is that the Benin…

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Isarun village in Ifedore Local Government Area of Ondo State, located along Ilesa-Akure Road having Igbara Oke as its neighbour when heading towards Akure. There are many signposts and billboards…

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Nri; town, 20 miles south-east of Onitsha and three miles south-west of Awka, Anambral State, once a citadel of Igbo civilisation. Until 1911 when the British colonial administrators forced an Nri…

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Map of old Sokoto Caliphate

Sokoto Caliphate

Sokoto Caliphate; the history of which, in the 19th Century commenced in 1804, is essentially centered on the legendary Dan Fodio and his socio-religious revolution, otherwise referred to as the…

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Osemwende; Oba of Benin kingdom in present day Nigeria, originally known as Erediauwa, he was crowned with the title Oba Osemwende after the defeat of Oba Ogbebo. Osemwende ordered the Akure…

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Nana Olomu in a photo taken while in exile in Accra

Nana Olomu

Nana Olomu, born 1852 in Jakpa, was the Itsekiri chief and merchant in Palm Oil who occupied the position of the comey collector, essentially the chief tax officer, hence, Governor of the Benin…

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Olaudah Equiano portrait

Equiano Olaudah

Equiano Olaudah, abolitionist, born 1745, was the Ibo, Nigerian-born author of an autobiography, The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano, or; Sustarus Vassa, The African, which…

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Anthonio De Mingo

Anthonio De Mingo also known by native name Oyenakpara, or nickname Benighere, was the eighth Olu of Itsekiri, inquirer of science, who was described by English adventurers to the Benin River…

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Ovonramwen was the oba of Benin between 1889 and 1897 whose reign was brought to an end by a British Expedition. Two years after the sack of his kingdom, Ovonramwen came out of hiding to…

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Engraving of the Benin City palace from Description of Africa, by Olfert Dapper (ca 1635-1689)

Benin Empire

Benin Empire is the kingdom of the Edo people in the Guinea Coast, near the mouth of the Niger. Portuguese travelers described its capital as a big city, surrounded by high wall, and having a…

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