Benin 4

Benin Empire

Benin Empire is the kingdom of the Edo people in the Guinea Coast, near the mouth of the Niger. Portuguese travelers described its capital as a big city, surrounded by high wall, and having a…

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Ologbosere in leg chains after arrest, 1899. Source: NNP


Ologbosere was the Benin chief who was convicted in the murder of Acting Consul J.R Phillips and other colonial officials at Ugbine on 4 January 1897. He was the second-in-command to Ezomo, who…

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Benin Expedition 1897

Benin Expedition

Benin Expedition of 1897 was the punitive action of the British against Benin following the massacre of unwelcome advancing party led by Acting Consul J.R. Phillips to the Benin palace one month…

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Missionary, probably  J.B Wood is depicted in 1870 book, "Missions-Bilder. Achtes Heft. Sierra Leone und Yoruba" Missionaruy here comforts a persecuted  Christian convert in Abeokuta. Wood himself will leave Abeokuta during the Ifole Crisis of 1867

J.B. Wood

J.B. Wood was the 19th Century Anglican Missionary to Nigeria and author of works on Yoruba grammar and literature whose History of Lagos up to 1861 was the first roundly chronicled story of the…

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Eyo II

Eyo Honesty II

Eyo Honesty II was the king of Creek Town, one of the Southern Nigerian towns of the Efik people who presently constitute the chief population of Calabar. Eyo is remembered in history for his…

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Royal Niger Company

Royal Niger Company was the entity which served essentially as precursor for the Nigerian state; the mercantile establishment which evolved from British trading firms granted royal charters in…

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Charles Phillip (third, on the right, holding British Missionary, Tugwell's left hand). Holding the right is Ajayi Crowther's son.

Charles Phillips

Charles Phillips was the Nineteenth Century Head of the Church Missionary Society in Ondo, whose parents were Yoruba Sierra Leonean returnee. At Ijaiye Charles’s father, known by same name, was…

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William Dappa Pepple

William Dappa Pepple was the king of Bonny, between 1835 and 1866, who called the Christian faith in 1864 to Bonny, thereby pioneering the Niger Delta pastorate of the Anglican Church. Born in…

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Aro War

Aro War describes the series of battles between December 1901 and March 1902 in which the Aro tribe of the Igbo nation in eastern Nigeria were subdued by imperial British power. Aro people were in…

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Leaded Bronze pendant discovered in Igbo-Ukwu, c.900-1000 AD. Facial scarification is that of titled men of Nri.

Nri Civilization

Nri was a medieval Igbo institution, located in the colonial Awka division. Nri was hypothesized by A.G. Leonard, British royal officer in 1902 as the fountainhead from which all the other clans…

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