Michael Olusola

Michael Olusola, Abiodun is a physician born January 18, 1941, in Lagos. He had his primary education in Methodist Boys High school in 1953-1957 in Lagos and his secondary education at Norwich…

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Anthonio de Mingo

Anthonio de Mingo also known by native name Oyenakpara, or nickname Benighere, was the eighth Olu of Itsekiri, inquirer of science, who was described half correctly by English adventurers to the…

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Animal houses of the Yellow Fever Laboratory, Yaba Lagos, Nigeria January 20 1933 - Dr. Wilbur A. Sawyer


Research, according to Mathematics professor, L.O. Adetula in a 1993 journal on educology is a means of not only banishing thought but also turning opinion, conjectures, and experiences into…

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Elegba S.B.

Elegba S.B. is the Nigerian professor of physics, who in 1987 installed, commissioned and operated the first Neutron Generator in West Africa. Elegba was trained in Ukraine of the former Soviet…

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Prof. Ashiru Oladapo, Source: logbaby.com

Ashiru Oladapo

Ashiru Oladapo is a Reproductive endocrinology expert and joint pioneer of IVF research in West Africa. Ashiru joined College of Medicine of the University of Lagos as lecturer in 1976. He was at…

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Children playing on a beach, 1940s

Life Expectancy

Life Expectancy is an estimate of the number of years individual new born infants would live under the prevailing mortality risks within a population. Life expectancy is often indicated at the…

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Adetokunbo Lucas, researcher, recognized in London

Lucas Adetokunbo

Adetokunbo Lucas is a Nigerian medical doctor, recognized for his international role in fighting neglected tropical diseases, especially in follow-up to the so-called “Guinea worm cease-fire”…

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Olagoke Olabisi

Olagoke Olabisi is the Engineering professor who invented several processes for which not less than eight patents were granted. Olagoke was born in Osogbo and his education at the Government…

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Source: agoiwoye.org

Onabamiro Sanya

Onabamiro Sanya was a biologist and statesman, born 1913 in Ago Iwoye. Before him, the dangerous guinea-worm parasite ravaged the whole of southwest Nigeria. In the 1950s, Onabamiro in the…

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Adegoke Sylvester

Adegoke Sylvester is a Geologist from Ondo town, born July 1937. Adegoke coordinated the industrial studies of the extensive tar send bitumen-bearing beds of Ondo, Ogun and Bendel States within…

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