As a recognition of its leadership campaign in worldwide campaign against apartheid, Nigeria was invited to host an international Apartheid conference in 1977. Source: Audio after 3rd par. is Sonny Okosun's 1978 song, "Fire in Soweto"


Apartheid is the separate-existence economic and social system that existed in South Africa officially from 1948 to 1994. Although the etymology of the word itself is rooted in the Afrikaans…

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World War I

First World War was the worldwide conflict in which Nigeria’s colonial overlord, Britain, formed part of a triad that constituted the Allied powers in its military campaign against the Central…

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"Ereko Market, Lagos during Queen Elizabeth II visit to Nigeria in 1956 photo by Carl Mydans


Anglophonism was the term used in pre-independence times to describe the tendency of the Nigerian to see self as naturally aligned with, or to show allegiance to the English. In Michael…

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1861 Annexation of Lagos


Imperialism, also called colonialism, refers to the subjugation of a territory under another, especially through military force, hence the political and economic dependence of the subject….

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