map of Lake Chad

Lake Chad

Lake Chad; at the farthest northeast end of Nigeria sharing close boundary with Niger, Cameroon, and Chad republics. The Chad basin, 2258 kilometers wide, was in 1991 designated as a tourist site…

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Lokoja capital city of Kogi State aerial view.


Lokoja; the capital of Kogi State, a state carved out of Kwara and Benue State in 1991. The magnificent rivers Niger and Benue meet in Lokoja, forming the famous confluence from which Kogi derives…

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Owena Market in Owena, Ondo State


Owena; town on on the Benin/Ilesa highway, straddled between Ondo and Osun States. Following creation of more states from the defunct Western State, Owena initially fell within the old Oyo State;…

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Banded Jewel fish

The Banded Jewel fish, Hemichromis fasciatus, is an ornamental fish, which occurs in many hydrographic basins in West Africa. Together with the Tilapia it belongs to the cichlid family, which are…

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Ogun River shown here glides through Egba, Ijebu towns into the Atlantic.

Ogun River

Ogun River is the waterfront originating in the isolated area of Saki, adjoining the Oyo National Park and gliding through Ogun State to empty into the Lagos Lagoon. Weaponry needed for the…

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