Most of the historic livelihood of Niger-Deltans have been lost to activities of oil corporations without adequate compensation, hence the conflict. Photo: George Oshodi

Niger Delta Conflict

Niger Delta Conflict saw a series of insurgencies in the oil producing creeks of the Niger Delta area of Nigeria, threatening the country’s Oil and gas industry which provides about 85% of…

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Flooding is an environmental problem that towns and cities all over the world contend with. It can be caused when high tides cause rivers or oceans to overflow their banks, or simply by heavy…

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by Bassano, whole-plate glass negative, 12 July 1920

Amodu Tijani’s Case

  Amodu Tijani’s case against the secretary to the government of Southern Nigeria was the watershed legal event in 1921 by which the ownership of Lagos lands was decided in favour of…

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Lagos protest against land taxes

Aborigine Society

Anti-Slavery and Aborigine Society was a group formed as a corrective against the imperfections of the Crown Colony systems. Lagos Auxiliary of this society, founded by Christopher Sapara Williams…

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Idanre Hill INseberg

Idanre Hill

Idanre Hill is the system of high plains and mountains, the highest of which rises about 3,000 ft. above sea level just about 15km southwest of Akure, capital city of Ondo State. Oke Idanre, as it…

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Oba Eshugbayi Eleko and Council circa 1912


Esugbayi, the Oba of Lagos was designated Eleko of Eko, meaning, “the owner of Lagos”. He was the first Lagos monarch to reinforce the title. Others may have abstained for the reason of the…

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Olumo Rock as a tourist place was modernized by Governor Gbenga Daniel.

Olumo Rock

Olumo, meaning, “the lord ends our travail”, is rock in the city of Abeokuta so named because of its usefulness as military fortress to Egba people from 1832 to 1862. The rock, standing at a…

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