Veterinary Public Health

Veterinary Public Health stands between human and animal medicine. It indicates how the environment affects the animal and the people even as more people share thesame environment with the…

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Kainji Park

Kainji National Park

Kainji National Park; Established in 1979 and located in Kwara State, the wildlife park is one of Nigeria’s most flaunted resort centres and is one of the largest game reserves in the West…

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map of Lake Chad

Lake Chad

Lake Chad; at the farthest northeast end of Nigeria sharing close boundary with Niger, Cameroon, and Chad republics. The Chad basin, 2258 kilometers wide, was in 1991 designated as a tourist site…

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high view of Obudu Mountain Resort

Obudu Cattle Ranch

Obudu Cattle Ranch; now called the Obudu Mountain Resort rather than the Obudu Cattle Ranch. It is located at the Obaniku Local Government area of the northern part of Cross River State and just…

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Okomu National Park

Okomu National Park; a rainforest ecosystem in the outskirts of Benin City is home only to the endangered White-throated monkeys. The park, 1082 kilometers in area size, was established in…

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Old Oyo National Park

Old Oyo National Park; Nigerian park-system in Oyo primarily facilitating preservation and protection of indigenous Nigerian flora and fauna. The park also protects the architectural and…

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Skyview of Gashaka Gumti Park

Gashaka Gumti National Park

Gashaka Gumti; National Park established in 1991 as a tourist site[i], Gasha Gumti  is believed by many to be the largest, most scenic and biologically diverse conservation site in the world. It…

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Bate’s Dwarf Antelopes

Bate’s Dwarf Antelopes, Neotragus batesi, are very small antelopes, only some 5.5 cm long, and weighing from 2-3 kg. Males are a lot bigger than the female and it is only they that posses…

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Straw-coloured fruit Bat

Straw-colored Fruit Bat, Eidolon helvum, is a species of bats, called Àdón in Yoruba, a mammal having the distinguishing feature of their forelimbs being developed as wings, thereby becoming the…

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A Wild Dog in the plain field

African Wild Dog

African Wild Dog, scientific name, Lycaon pictus, means painted or ornate wolf. It is called Ajá in Yoruba and used metaphorically in the culture to denote promiscuity, uncritical followership…

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