Isaac Adaka Boro

Isaac Adaka Boro was a Minority rights activist and hero of the Nigerian Civil War on the side of the federal government, who paradoxically was himself a former secessionist, declaring in…

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Most of the historic livelihood of Niger-Deltans have been lost to activities of oil corporations without adequate compensation, hence the conflict. Photo: George Oshodi

Niger Delta Conflict

Niger Delta Conflict saw a series of insurgencies in the oil producing creeks of the Niger Delta area of Nigeria, threatening the country’s Oil and gas industry which provides about 85% of…

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Neotragus batesi, © Ch Boudet - Planet' Mammifères

Bate’s Dwarf Antelopes

Bate’s Dwarf Antelopes, Neotragus batesi, are very small antelopes, only some 5.5 cm long, and weighing from 2-3 kg. Males are a lot bigger than the female and it is only they that posses…

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An Egyptian fruit bat eating a banana on exhibit at the Oregon Zoo. © Oregon Zoo / Photo by Carli Davidson

Straw-coloured fruit Bat

Straw-colored Fruit Bat, Eidolon helvum, is a species of bats, called Àdón in Yoruba, a mammal having the distinguishing feature of their forelimbs being developed as wings, thereby becoming the…

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Hemichromis Fasciatus, Source: Unknown

Banded Jewel fish

The Banded Jewel fish, Hemichromis fasciatus, is an ornamental fish, which occurs in many hydrographic basins in West Africa. Together with the Tilapia it belongs to the cichlid family, which are…

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