Amadi; the first Nigerian feature film in a local dialect, shows an artist who has managed to overcome the artist’s dilemma of satisfying audience who advocated that African films should reflect…

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Ajibola Ojesola

Ajibola Ojesola; Popular television presenter and actor, started acting as a student of the Polytechnic of Ibadan. Ajibola  joined a drama society at the University of Ibadan. Then, he would…

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Brymo- Nigerian alternative songs artiste


Ashimi Olawale; songwriter and rapper, known as Brymo.  An only child, Brymo grew up in Okokomaiko, Lagos, a fairly nice neighbourhood and a mixed environment of peoples in different economic…

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MI Abaga

Jude Abaga

Jude Abaga, fondly called Mr Incredible or simply MI, brought enormous creativity to rap music in 2006. MI grew up in Jos where he lived with his father who was a pastor and mother who made gospel…

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Oba Laoye dancing in palace

Adetoyese Laoye

Adetoyese Laoye; Timi of Ede. Before he ascended the throne in the 1940s, he was a church organist, a great dancer, a good singer, a lover of culture, and a historian. He was so culturally minded…

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Zeb Ejiro

Zebulun Ejiro

Zebulun Ejiro; Filmmaker who held sway in the Nollywood from the late 1980s to the next two decades. Ejiro brought about the renaissance of cinema in Nigeria when in 1997, he made Domitila, a…

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Eyo dancing


Eyo is a visitor from the world of the spirit. It speaks in funny nasal sound which usually is the ventriloqual language of the dead. Attired in white flowing robes with an artfully decorated head…

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Onikan neigbourhood in Lagos


Onikan; central neighborhood on the Lagos Lagoon, which is home to some of the city’s most important cultural offerings, including the Nigerian National Museum and Rele Gallery, which…

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Adesanya Afolabi

Adesanya Afolabi; Filmmaker and critic. In 2005, Adesanya Afolabi was appointed Managing Director of Nigerian Film Corporation (NFC). Adesanya Afolabi was born on July 5,1959 in the ancient Kano,…

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Majel Fashek with his guitar

Majek Fashek

Majek Fashek; real name, Maekodunmi Fasheke was the Nigerian Reggae musician and rastafarian who rode the musical scene  in early 1990s. Majek Fashek, born in Benin City in 1963 took motivation…

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