Murtala Sule

Murtala Sule: Film maker and  presenter of NTA 7 popular Sunday television programme, Lagbo Video. Murtala left secondary school in 1973 and joined LatdaFilms to learn film making. Murtala Sule…

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  Pre-1990s Comedians though inclined to borrow jokes unofficially from each other, never cease to amaze their audience with new jokes. It is believed by the professionals that comedy is even…

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Amadi; the first Nigerian feature film in a local dialect, shows an artist who has managed to overcome the artist’s dilemma of satisfying audience who advocated that African films should reflect…

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Zeb Ejiro

Zebulun Ejiro

Zebulun Ejiro; Filmmaker who held sway in the Nollywood from the late 1980s to the next two decades. Ejiro brought about the renaissance of cinema in Nigeria when in 1997, he made Domitila, a…

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Adesanya Afolabi

Adesanya Afolabi; Filmmaker and critic. In 2005, Adesanya Afolabi was appointed Managing Director of Nigerian Film Corporation (NFC). Adesanya Afolabi was born on July 5,1959 in the ancient Kano,…

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Joke Silva with a portrait of husband in background

Joke Silva

Joke Silva; Celebrated actress of the Nollywood. Joke commenced acting at the University of Lagos as part of the cultural centre, rehearsing plays directed by  Prof. Bode Osanyin. She also…

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One of Nollywood best, Kunle Afolayan, with crew


Nollywood; is the often criticized but common expression for the Nigerian film industry. Nigerian movies are seen as the pivot of a developing African film industry and the cultural mainstay of…

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Onyeka Onwenu in her younger days in NTA

Onyeka Onwenu

Onyeka Onwenu; legend of Nigeria’s music industry and multiple award-winning songstress, fondly called the Elegant Stallion. Onyeka was known also to a generation of Nigerians as a…

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rehearsal at WNTV


Television in Nigeria was anticipated by Adekanbi, editor of Eko Akete in a 1924 publication when, in reaction to Colonel Malone, chairman of the Radio Association’s prediction of the emergence…

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Bob Manuel Udokwu

Udokwu Bob-Manuel

Bob-Manuel Udokwu; Nigerian actor, belonging to the first generation, pioneers of home video with the debut of Living in Bondage.   Childhood Bob-Manuel’s first stint with acting was when…

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