Musiliu Ishola


Apala is a local Yoruba music genre descended, like Fuji, from Were, which has its root in the traditions of the Yoruba Muslim sect.  Were, which started from the 1930s, has Quranic undertone…

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Sodienye O'Mailey, a younger generation classical music singer tutored by Adam Fiberesima in 1994 here sings with a young Soprano singer. Photo: koraltimes blog. Audio after first par. is MUSON Choir rendition of Fela Sowande's "Messiah Baba Mi."

Classical Music

Classical music is a cultivated or art music descended from western tradition. Usually depicting seriousness, this type of music, as opposed to most everyday music are often written in form of…

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Kwara traditional musicians

Kwara Music

Kwara Music traditionally include varieties like Dadakuada, Waka, Alagbe, and Pamupamu. Dadakuada music emerged from different groups of minstrels about three hundred years ago, mainly among the…

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Shina Peters. Source: Guardian Life Magazine

Shina Peters

Oluwashina Akanbi Peters, popularly known as Sir Shina Peters (SSP) was born 30th May 1958 in Ogun State. SSP’s childhood was like most children’s, he had strict parents who wanted the best…

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Victoria Davies goddaughter of Queen Victoria

Victoria Davies

Victoria Davies was the eldest daughter of Labulo Davies, a Lagos businessman and Sarah Forbes, goddaughter of the Queen Victoria of England. When Victoria Davies was born in 1863 she was named in…

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