Shina Peters. Source: Guardian Life Magazine

Shina Peters

Oluwashina Akanbi Peters, popularly known as Sir Shina Peters (SSP) was born 30th May 1958 in Ogun State. SSP’s childhood was like most children’s, he had strict parents who wanted the best…

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I.K Dairo. Source: Alchetron

I.K. Dairo

Isaiah Kehinde Dairo, popularly known as I. K Dairo was born January 1931 in Offa town, Kwara State, but his family is originally from Ijebu-Ijesa , Oyo State, before they migrated to…

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Adewale Ayuba

Adewale Ayuba, the popular fuji musician was born 1966 as last child into a close knit family, in Ikenne Remo Ogun State. Closing his eyes to the examples of his well-read older siblings, Ayuba…

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Shina Peters at a comedian, AY's show. Source: EventsPro


Shinamania was the creation of Juju musician, Shina Peters, whose genre is mixed with very fast and upbeat with a lot of funky bumps and grinds. This pop phenomenon came to head in 1990 with the…

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View of Custom Street, Marina, Lagos (circa) 1925 in the years when Tunde King's career commenced.

Tunde King

Tunde King was the first Juju musician to achieve upscale patronage. He is considered by some researchers on his Yoruba brand of music originated from Lagos area boys as a great influence on music…

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