Sodienye O'Mailey, a younger generation classical music singer tutored by Adam Fiberesima in 1994 here sings with a young Soprano singer. Photo: koraltimes blog. Audio after first par. is MUSON Choir rendition of Fela Sowande's "Messiah Baba Mi."

Classical Music

Classical music is a cultivated or art music descended from western tradition. Usually depicting seriousness, this type of music, as opposed to most everyday music are often written in form of…

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Funmi Aragbaiye

Funmi Aragbaiye, or Evangelist Funmi Aragbaye, was born and bred in Ondo State. The gospel artiste, in her own account, answered the call of God to minister through songs. Funmi grew up in a…

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Audio below is an orchestra's rendition of Sowande's Oyigiyigi.

Fela Sowande

Fela Sowande was a Nigerian music composer of international renown, born 1905 in Oyo. His early musical training was from his father, Emmanuel Sowande and a veteran composer, Thomas Ekundayo…

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A 1922 editorial on Jesse's music. Source:

Josaih Jesse Ransome Kuti

Josiah Jesse Ransome Kuti was an Hymnist and 19th Century patriarch of the Ransome-Kuti family of Nigeria, which produced distinguished personalities like his son, Israel Oludotun Ransome Kuti…

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Ekundayo Phillips 1932

Ekundayo Phillips

Ekundayo Phillips was a Musicologist and composer, renowned as a doyen of Nigerian church music. Ekundayo was born in 1884 to an Anglican priest, Rev. Charles Phillips. After his training at the…

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