Charly Boy Oputa

Charles Oputa

Charles Oputa; Nigerian eccentric entertainer, often appearing with a scarf tied round his neck, nose and eyelids pierced and fixed with big earrings. Oputa, the first son of Chukwudifu Oputa,…

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Justice Oputa in regalia

OPUTA Chukwudifu

Oputa Chukwudifu Sylvester; Chair of the Human Rights Violations Investigations Commission, HRVIC, nominally called the Oputa Panel which was fashioned after the the Truth and Reconciliation…

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Chima Ubani; Nigerian human rights activist who was at the centre of several anti-military campaigns during the regimes of Ibrahim Babangida and Sani Abacha, mobilizing the masses against two…

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Gladys Aduke Vaughan; Educationist who was one of the first women to to found indigenous private primary school in Ibadan, pioneering with her efforts, quality private schools in Nigeria.  After…

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Femi Fa;lana

Femi Falana

Femi Falana; Nigerian Lawyer, democracy and human rights advocate. From 1988 he used his membership of and activities in different organisations to fight for an egalitarian society, often with…

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Alex Akinyele

Ali Ahmadu

Ahmadu Ali; First Director General of the NYSC in 1973 and later the Minister of Education, remembered for Ali must go Students riot in 1978 which occurred while he was Minister of Education. In…

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Akpo-Mudiaga Odje

Akpo-Mudiaga Odje; Nigerian lawyer who in his agitation for resource control and development issues launched an uncompromising stance against the establishment in the Niger Delta region. With his…

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Better Life Programme

Better Life for Rural Women Programme; Nigerian social welfare programme of the late 1980s, conceived as a platform for addressing the needs of women from the lower economic class of the society….

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Adolescence is the period of development from the onset of puberty, to the attainment of adulthood, hence the transitional period between childhood and adulthood. The WHO pegs this between the…

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Commitment is a philosophical concept popularized by the 20th Century French existentialist philosopher, Gabriel Marcel. Other existentialist philosophers have discussed themes conveying similar…

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