Mythopraxis, which is the practice of myth, according to patterns residing in the collective consciousness of a group of people is an inherent tendency in human beings. This inclination has been…

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Orompoto was one of the four Alaafins to be buried in Oyo Igoho, the capital established by Eguguoju, his brother. Orompto, during his reign proved to be a gifted soldier, bringing back the…

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Campaign against racism occured in this hotel in 1948


Racism; the active assertion of supremacy based on race is not inherent among human beings. There was indeed no cause for one, as there was parity in achievement of the races for most of history….

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Schizophrenia is a mental disorder characterized outwardly by tearing at clothing and ultimate nakedness, in southern Nigeria. This condition, not to be mistaken for the affective or less severe…

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Sexual objectification

Sexual objectification is the treatment of a person as passive receptacle of another’s sexual desire. Although objectification may occur for both genders, it is mostly used generically for…

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Social facilitation

Social facilitation is a motivation theory which asserts that people would do better in a task if there were other people watching. This idea was constructed from Norman Triplet’s work in in…

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Bill advertising against a suicidal behavior of overspeeding for drivers

Suicidal behavior

Suicidal behavior, the tendency of committing oneself to an action that could cause death is a growing concern in many parts of the world. In a study, suicide behavior in Lagos was shown to be…

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Intelligent looking Nigerian students in class


Intelligence is the extent to which an individual can think, manipulate objects and solve problems. As discussed by Obemeta of the University of Ibadan in 1989, a person is said to be intelligent…

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