Amebo in the Nigerian popular culture means gossip and is often used to qualify mostly a lady who takes undue interest in other people’s affairs.  Amebo was the name of a character in The…

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First coworking space to open in Nigeria, LitCaf, themed after books and coffee, was opened in March, 2013. Photo: LitCaf


Coworking is a style of work characterized by the sharing of a usually optimized environment by independent professionals. The phenomenon of coworking, fast rising in Europe since 2006, eases …

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2012- Protesters demonstrates against subsidy removal by President Jonathan at Oba Ovoramen square, Benin-city. Source: CNN iReport


Conservatism is the resistance of change due to preference for stability and continuity. The conservative believes in the value of history and favors traditional institutions over the abstract or…

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Adolescence is the period of development from the onset of puberty, to the attainment of adulthood, hence the transitional period between childhood and adulthood. The WHO pegs this between the…

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OLA Sisters counselling at school


Counseling is a professional activitys involving the use of interpersonal relationship to quicken understanding of oneself and to encourage changes in life choices. Counselors often employ…

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Shopping Mall in Lekki, Lagos. (c) Xplore9ja

Consumer Behaviour

Consumer Behaviour, the understanding of the buying behaviour of people composing the target market of marketers, particularly retail outlet operators, is a major task facing their business. The…

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Hypodermic Needle Theory

Hypodermic Needle Theory postulates that the media have a direct, immediate and powerful effect on the audience members. In the study of the Ikeja bomb blast of January 27, 2002, majority were in…

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By F.G.J.O. The Nigerian Provincial Guardian 17th April, 1937 pg. 11 The Love between man and woman is only- “Sex Appeal” The only thing men want in women is not intellect but charm,…

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A Young Gorilla and two boys in Asaba, 1906. What differentiates these two primate species most strikingly is the quality of their brains, hence, their minds.


Mind is the term often employed to signify all the faculties of the Souls. In this 17th April 1937 editorial of the Nigerian Provincial Guardian, the mind, as a subject, is applied to the…

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African Woman reads her morning papers in early 1930s

African Renaissance

African Renaissance term used by authors is  descriptive of  the cultural movement in the British West Africa, in which the pioneer set of educated Africans, erstwhile propagators of the New…

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