The central figure in Ifa divinity is Orunmila, the God of wisdom who, in Yoruba myth, was witness to earth’s creation. There is no going further in human history than that. Oduduwa’s…

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Members of Eweka dynasty depicted in this Benin Lead Brass sculpture

Eweka Dynasty

  Oba Eweka (1200AD-1235AD) After the banishment of Owodo; the last Ogiso under the Ogiso Dynasty Oduduwa sent his son to Benin to rule the kingdom. The only area of departure is that the Benin…

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Tourism in Calabar Carnival


The two UNESCO World Heritage Site in Nigeria, which doubles as the most popular tourism brands outside Nigeria, recognisable and visited by tourists worldwide are the Sukur Cultural Landscape in…

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Eyo dancing


Eyo is a visitor from the world of the spirit. It speaks in funny nasal sound which usually is the ventriloqual language of the dead. Attired in white flowing robes with an artfully decorated head…

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Arochukwu is the third largest town in Abia State (after Aba and Umuahia) in southeastern Nigeria. The city, consisting of 19 villages is about 120km from Umuahia and shares common boundary with…

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Sultan Ibrahim Dasuki

Ibrahim Dasuki

Ibrahim Dasuki; Sultan of Sokoto from 1988 to 1994. Dasuki mounted the throne despite stiff opposition from supporters of his cousin, Muhamadu Maccido. Like it happened in 1933, an outside power…

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Ereduiauwa Uku

Erediauwa Uku Akpolokpolo; Oba of the famed ancient kingdom of Benin  in Nigeria. As a Cambridge-trained lawyer, Ereduwa worked in the Federal Civil Service for 21 years before his appointment…

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Elemure Ogunyemi

Elemure Ogunyemi; Ekiti-centric traditional musician from Nigeria. Elemure made more than 50 records, with Seramo in which he talked about petrol scarcity, shooting him into stardom. Because of…

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Tunde Kelani recieving award

Tunde Kelani

Tunde Kelani; Nigerian cinematographer. Using the vehicle of films and home video movies with Ti Oluwa. Nile 1 & 2, Kosegbe, Ote ku I & 2 and others, Kelani’s Mainframe began a…

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Oba S.K. Adetona with his staff

Adetona Sikiru Kayode

ADETONA Sikiru Kayode, The Awujale Ogbagba II of Ijebuland. During the 1960s crisis in the Western region, Adetona expressed views which were adverse to the Obafemi Awolowo camp. A chief of his…

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