first commercial bus in Lagos, 1950

Lagos (City)

LAGOS refers to the urban area called Metropolitan Lagos, which includes both the islands of the former municipality of Lagos and the main surburbs. On December 12, 1991, the city of Lagos seized…

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Ojubo Osogbo

Ojubo Osogbo, a component of the Osun Groove, is ancient, older than the town of Osogbo (which is not older than 400 years, according to Chief Olugunna’s research). The statue of Osun where…

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Calabar;  is the administrative capital of Cross Rivers State known for tourism and attractions popular in the region; the Obudu Cattle Ranch and the once promising Tinapa, a world-class business…

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Deji; of Akure, traditional title of the Oba of Akure. Royal lineages in Akure trace a common ancestry to Asodeboyede, the first Oba of Akure, who reigned from 1150 A.D to 1180 A.D. As believed by…

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Nta Elijah Henshaw

Nta Elijah Henshaw;  the Obong of Calabar from to 2001 to 2008 was until his installation a visiting professor to the University of Benin and the Maxillo-Facial Dental Surgery Unit, College of…

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The central figure in Ifa divinity is Orunmila, the God of wisdom who, in Yoruba myth, was witness to earth’s creation. There is no going further in human history than that. Oduduwa’s…

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Members of Eweka dynasty depicted in this Benin Lead Brass sculpture

Eweka Dynasty

  Oba Eweka (1200AD-1235AD) After the banishment of Owodo; the last Ogiso under the Ogiso Dynasty Oduduwa sent his son to Benin to rule the kingdom. The only area of departure is that the Benin…

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Tourism in Calabar Carnival


The two UNESCO World Heritage Site in Nigeria, which doubles as the most popular tourism brands outside Nigeria, recognisable and visited by tourists worldwide are the Sukur Cultural Landscape in…

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Eyo dancing


Eyo is a visitor from the world of the spirit. It speaks in funny nasal sound which usually is the ventriloqual language of the dead. Attired in white flowing robes with an artfully decorated head…

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Arochukwu is the third largest town in Abia State (after Aba and Umuahia) in southeastern Nigeria. The city, consisting of 19 villages is about 120km from Umuahia and shares common boundary with…

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