Dayo and Kenny Ogungbe


There is no denying that Nigerian Afrobeat is fashioned after American popular music. When Majek Fashek, a musician from the old bloc came back to Nigeria after a while, he confessed to “watch…

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Tales By Moonlight

Tales By Moonlight, Nigeria Television Authority, NTA’s network programme for the kids which dramatises the Nigerian folklore exploits the whole gamut of television formats. The programme which…

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The Ozidi Saga

The Ozidi Saga; Play by J.P. Clark, a revenge tragedy based on an Ijaw myth about treachery and vengeance. Ozidi being a festival play and plucked from mythology, brims with African performance…

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David Dale

David Dale Herbert; one of the foremost masters of visual arts in Nigeria. Dale’s specialty is in illustration and graphic design, and he has won awards before university. After graduating from…

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Amadi; the first Nigerian feature film in a local dialect, shows an artist who has managed to overcome the artist’s dilemma of satisfying audience who advocated that African films should reflect…

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Kolade Oshinowo

Kolade Oshinowo; Nigerian romantic artist, Oshinowo is one of the most classical visual artists in the country. Oshinowo was born February 6, 1948, Ibadan, Oyo State. He was educated at Macjob…

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Brymo- Nigerian alternative songs artiste


Ashimi Olawale; songwriter and rapper, known as Brymo.  An only child, Brymo grew up in Okokomaiko, Lagos, a fairly nice neighbourhood and a mixed environment of peoples in different economic…

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Oba Laoye dancing in palace

Adetoyese Laoye

Adetoyese Laoye; Timi of Ede. Before he ascended the throne in the 1940s, he was a church organist, a great dancer, a good singer, a lover of culture, and a historian. He was so culturally minded…

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Tourism in Calabar Carnival


The two UNESCO World Heritage Site in Nigeria, which doubles as the most popular tourism brands outside Nigeria, recognisable and visited by tourists worldwide are the Sukur Cultural Landscape in…

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Nri; town, 20 miles south-east of Onitsha and three miles south-west of Awka, Anambral State, once a citadel of Igbo civilisation. Until 1911 when the British colonial administrators forced an Nri…

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