How to make your Business Card work for you

Many of us have no use for printed materials anymore, and that is because the world has gone increasingly digital. Flyers, brochures, and many other printed materials don’t clutter our bags or desks like it used to- but never the good old complimentary/ business cards. For some reasons, we haven’t divested ourselves from the need to keep those cards given to us by persons whose faces we have long forgotten.

We know that we might need that property lawyer, that water engineer, that hair stylist, or the master compere. Even the updated features of social media have not obliterated the feeling that a well crafted design showing key business information in one place gives. Why then has the Business Card stood out as a contact piece for networking?


Why Business Card?

Complimentary/Business Card is the concise and impression-laden representation of any personal brand. This is a once and for all reminder about the product or services you offer, and one which indicates to the holder that there has been sufficient interpersonal contact between you two. This is a respectable thing which inevitably add more value to the card as a means of networking, far more consequential than the stranger whose only interaction with you ever is a mindless click.

A click costs nothing except maybe in a dating site. And many pro can put together a well designed call card that contains lies. It’s for this reason; if you think about it, that not even the digital business card can outrightly take the place of the printed one which may have been handed over at definite locations in an agreeable context.

Shall we then continue to clutter our space and our heads with printed business cards? No!


What it means to have a Verified Business Card


LitCaf Encyclopedia, the web app which is the most authentic information portal about Nigeria comes in handy, providing the professional with the means for keeping valuable contacts that is verified to contain correct information. Importantly, it is a card with expiry date, meaning you can be sure to find your contact’s office at the place it claims to be- that the phone line is theirs, and that the email will be responded to. LitCaf makes it possible to connect with serious professionals who actually pay to have their own verified business cards.


In a country where activity of the minority have become an issue for the hardworking majority there is need to stand out and make your personal brand attractive to the local and international audience.