Awoniboju, also known as Oluboye was one of the Alaafin of Oyo who reigned during the tyranny of Basorun Gaha. Surprising it will seem, that the Alaafin, given the antecedents of his predecessors, could be cowed by a warlord who was supposed to be inferior, but the political condition of his time made it possible, for the many short wicked rule of the Alaafins had greatly damaged the goodwill normally accorded the throne. Basorun Gaha, as a self-appointed checker to Alaafin’s powers, superseded Awoniboju as he did, four of his successors. Awoniboju supplanted Labisi with Gaha’s blessing and the Basorun demanded homage of him but it was too much for the Alaafin to bear. The Alaafin was killed for refusing to genuflect to this oppressive warlord. Alaafin Awoniboju’s reign was for only 130 days.

Tope Apoola
Profession: Writer