Arcobacter is a relatively new group of aerotolerant, curved and spiral rod shaped bacteria. Arcobacter butzleri, A. Cryaerophilus and A. skirowii are known in many developed countries as zoonotic agents of human gastroenteritis and infrequent extra-intestinal infectons that are presumably acquired through contaminated water and food, particularly those of poutry origin. Foreign epidiologic findings suggested that arcobacter enteritis inection might be more prevalent in developing countries. There is no standard culture medium for Arcobacter, though a fe campylobacter related selective media are considered suitable for use. The bacteria strains exhibit variable antibiotic resistance and mechanisms of resistance had remained uninvestigated. The first report on Arcobacter in Nigeria suggested that the infection in Nigerians might be very low contrary to foreign speculations. Both domestic birds and abattoir effluents are potential reservoirs of the organisms, with many genetically diverse strains in circulation.

Tope Apoola
Profession: Writer