Araya; Community in Aviara kingdom of Delta State, Nigeria situated along the rain forest as it shares its boundary with the River Niger. From the town Oleh to Araya, little water bodies are visible, and on entrance into the community, both the young and old can be seen with paddles making their way to the river. Houses built were unavoidably close to water bodies and especially to the Lake Aya, which holds historical and cultural relevance to the people. The River Niger that flows through Ase creek enters through Lake Aya. It was the flood that provided the fish that encouraged people to stay here at the beginning. When there is dry season, the people find it difficult to survive. Fishing, farming and canoe building are the main occupations of the people.

In Araya, streets are narrow with houses closely facing one another, making it a tightly knitted community. The community, largely below sea-level, is flooded year-round. Soil is very marshy in the thick mud, in the thick mangrove[i].
[i] Tribune September 26, 2010

Tope Apoola
Profession: Writer