Akede Eko

Isaac Babalola Thomas
Akede Eko Editor, Isaac Babalola Thomas made the series in his newspaper into a nove in 1929. This is recognized as Nigeria’s first. Photo: NNP. Credit: Bimbola Babarinde

Akede Eko was the colonial times weekly newspaper founded in 1928 by Isaac B. Thomas. Akede Eko, published in Yoruba and English, started with 600 copies per week but started to enjoy its own share of thousands within a few months. The papers, within the first year enjoyed good circulation in Northern Nigeria and is sufficiently known throughout the West and South West coasts. Akede Eko distinguished itself from competition given by Daily Times which came in 1926, and Lagos Weekly with its claim that it seeks help for the poor and masses; to free the oppressed from the oppression of powerful ones. Editor, Isaac Babalola Thomas kept readers entertained with a series; Itan Igbesi Aye Emi Segilola, which tells the story in first person, of former sex hawk. Akede Eko features lushly written letters to editors which typically begins with the most courteous salutation; “Jowo gba mi laye lati kowe si iroyin re,” translating as “kindly permit me to write in your esteemed newspaper.”

Tope Apoola
Profession: Writer