Ajaka was the third Alafin of Oyo, and who presided at the time over much of the Yoruba nation. Ajaka was likely the builder of the famous Oranyan obelisk, apparently constructed in honor of his father, with whose nobility in vacating public life, he must have been impressed.

Ajaka had assumed the throne of Orayan, his father, during one of the restless king’s journeys to Ile Ife. It is said that Oranyan was thought to have died because of the unusual length of his trip and King Council, Oyomesi, elevated Ajaka, whom Oranyan appointed reagent on his leaving to the throne of his father. It is not clear if this was done in error or to spite the second Alafin. Orayan, on approaching the town, had heard the horns that was reserved only for sovereigns, and learnt on making enquires that his son, Ajaka is king in his stead. Oranyan was said to have returned to Ile Ife, in consideration of his son and to forestall any crisis.

Ajaka as king started as a lover of peace, taking particular interest in husbandry, an unsuitable character for a man who is supposed to protect the integrity of Oyo Empire. His people were particularly miffed by his consideration or actual surrender to the pressures of his cousin, the Olowu, who demanded that he, as Alafin pay homage to him. Ajaka was disposed, probably on this singular account, but the people of Oyo, after witnessing the excesses of his warrior king brother, Sango, had reinstated him. Ajaka appear to have mistaken the lessons of all these, and he was in his second tenure, engaged in many internal battles against members of his own team.