Agbaje War

Agbaje War was the social disturbance that led to the assassination of Okikilu who was the last Alake in the Egba forest before the people’s mass migration to Abeokuta. The fracas had originated from the Alake’s envy of the small court at Kosofe market which was fast becoming stronger than his own royal court of justice. It was generally observed that the court co-jointly formed by seven Egba villages (of Itoko, Ijeun, Erunwon, Itoku, Oba, Itesi, and Itori) was faster in administering justice and fairer in its dealings, hence its preference among the people. Okikilu, the Alake, raised an army under the warrior, Agbaje against the seven villages. In turn, a large army was raised against Ake, from which a detachment was sent to free Itori against the siege of Agbaje. Alake Okikilu fled to Kemta from where he hoped to negotiate with the counter forces. The agents whom he appointed to intercede on his behalf killed him, to the condemnation of the collective Egba tribe.

Tope Apoola
Profession: Writer