Adele Ajosun

Adele Ajosun was the Oba of Lagos between 1775 and 1780 and then in 1832 till his death, two years later. Immediately after installation as king, Adele Ajosun had faced up to the need to consolidate his position on the throne. His reign was marked by dramas for the rift between him and his brother, Eshilokun. Oba Adele Ajosun was an indulgent father who allowed his children to introduce alien practices to the palace, a negligence for which he was punished. Adele Ajosun was dethroned and banished in 1780. He was reinstated fifty-two years later after his brothers, Eshilokun and Idewu Ojulari had reigned. Perhaps his last important political action was the assistance rendered by way of supplying good fireams to Egba people in the Owiwi War against the Ijebu.

Tope Apoola
Profession: Writer