Abipa was the Alaafin who finally moved the capital of Oyo Empire from the Savannah called Oyo Igoho to its former location. Abipa had done this in keeping faith with his father, Ajiboyede, who initiated the plan. The story is told of how the nobles, and some influential subjects who were born in Oyo Igoho, understandably loth to the idea, devised a stratagem by which they tried to delay his plans.

Abipa appeared to be more civil than his father had been when he uncovered their mischief and he appealed to their conscience rather than place outright judgments on them. Abipa was able to consolidate the old capital to which he led his people to return, before his demise. His exploits as king is celebrated in Duro Ladipo’s play, Oba Moro.

Tope Apoola
Profession: Writer