Abeokuta Girls’ Grammar School

Blocks of classes at Abeokuta Girls Grammar School

Abeokuta Girls’ Grammar School was founded in 1953 through the recommendations and efforts of prominent indigenes and the Anglican Missionaries Abeokuta District Church Council. The school shared space with Abeokuta Girls Secondary Modern School, which was its forerunner in all-girls school. In 1959, it moved to Onikolobo. Since then, the host community had taken deep interest in the school project, providing facilities on occasions.

Ambitions of Ogun state government in the early 1980’s had, after an initial success, led to unintended consequences as the school started suffering inadequate facilities, due to bloated student population. This was to be followed by the really gloomy times. The return of democracy in 1999 allowed the school some fresh air as construction works resumed. Today there are about 3000 girl students at the school at its location in Onikolobo, Ibara, Abeokuta.

Tope Apoola
Profession: Writer