Professional Social Networking Has Never Been Better, Why?

You learn new things.

The things about Nigeria and her view of the world. You learn by reading the LitCaf Nigerian Encyclopedia.

You wear your badge

You are rewarded with points obtainable by passing pop up quizzes when you read the Nigerian Encyclopedia.

You meet your match

Our Artificial Intelligence algorithm connects people or organisations right for each other, for business.

So How Does It Work?

Order a Verified Digital Business Card

Experts make the best cards for you, complete with verified information which you can exchange digitally on LitCaf. With a card stored in contact digital wallet, you are trusted and will not be forgotten when your goods or services are needed.

Have Fun Expanding Your Network

Perhaps you need your card in more wallets or get more jobs? Have fun reading the Nigerian Encyclopedia. You add up points to your profile by answering simple quizzes correctly. Being up in your job category list means more opportunities.

Get jobs

Judging by acquired scores, we connect verified users internationally to companies and individuals who pay well. We do not rest on it. We also go out looking for opportunities.